What's new with Izzy?

There's a lot happening (and a lot planned) in the AskIzzy space so we wanted to take the time to let you know about some of the changes you can expect now and in the coming months.

The share feature

Users of AskIzzy can now share features by email or sms!

If you're on your computer you'll be able to send a link to the service, as well as a brief description by using AskIzzy's send service feature. Using this you can email or sms a service directly to someone who needs it.

If you're on mobile in addition to using AskIzzy to send a service you'll be able to use all your regular channels too!

Regardless of what platform you're sharing on, you'll find the share button at the top right of any service on AskIzzy.

The compare feature

What if you have a range of services that you would like to compare then share with someone? Well AskIzzy has you covered!

Users on both computer and mobile can add a service to a list by using the button at the top right of any service in AskIzzy. These services are collected in your list which you can get to by clicking the icon in your menu bar.

You can then compare all the services you've added in one space, you can even send the entire list of services by email or sms to someone in need.


As we continue to introduce new features into AskIzzy, it's important that we get feedback from you on how we're doing. All across AskIzzy you'll find various requests for feedback, whether good or bad, we'd love to hear from you, as it's your feedback that helps make AskIzzy better.

Data Privacy

If you read Ask Izzy, or any website we set up, we collect as little information as we can about you. We use a technology called Cookies to keep our website secure. We also use Cookies to collect some information about your behaviour on our website, information about what browser you are using, and if you came to us from a different website for example so we can know more about who looks at our website. We use the following cookies on the AskIzzy website:

  • Strictly necessary Cloudflare cookies that protect our website. These are essential so you can not opt out

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  • Matomo performance cookies that provide information about who looks at our website (for example what country people who look at our website live in, what pages they look at and how they found our website for example). We only use this if you consent