Finding help with Ask Izzy

There are two main ways you can find services in Ask Izzy - by searching or by selecting a category. Using categories will often get you better results, because we can ask you some follow up questions to narrow your search, like how old you are, or what specific things you need.

If you don't see anything in the list of categories that you think matches your need, using search might get you some better results.

Whichever way you choose, you will be asked to provide some additional information like your location, so that we can provide you with the best results.

Searching in Ask Izzy

You can type your search into the search bar on the home page. Short phrases of one or two words work best - eg "money help" - Ask Izzy isn't smart enough yet to understand more complicated sentences or normal human speech.

Search Ask Izzy now

Using Ask Izzy Categories

You can select categories from the Ask Izzy home page. Ask Izzy divides support services into the following categories:


Find a bed for the night, including crisis accommodation and short term stays.


Get groceries at a food bank or find a meal service near you.

Everyday things

Find out where to get a swag, clothes, food vouchers and more.


Search a range of health services, from your local GP or dentist to mental and emotional counselling.


Find your local Centrelink so that you can make an appointment or apply online.

Money help

Get emergency aid, debt help or financial counselling.

Support and counselling

Find someone to talk to about your issues.

Legal help

Get help responding to fines, dealing with police and legal information about your situation.

Drug and alcohol support

Search counselling and rehabilitation services near you.

Life skills and education

Want to start a course? Find the right one for you.

Help finding work

Search employment service and volunteering opportunities.

Location of facilities

Find the nearest public toilets, libraries and more.

Something to do near you

Search local events.

Technology assistance

Charge your phone, find free wifi and more.

Use the categories in Ask Izzy to find help now.

The Quick Exit button

Ask Izzy offers an emergency exit function, that will close the site and load the Bureau of Meteorology Weather website. If you feel unsafe and need to close the website quickly, you can click the 'Quick Exit' button that is on the top right of all pages. Please note this will not erase your browser's history, and someone may still be able to tell that you were on the Ask Izzy site. For more information on staying safe online see our guide.

Ways you can access Ask Izzy

You can use Ask Izzy on a mobile phone or desktop computer by going to You don't need to install anything, or provide any personal details to use Ask Izzy. Ask Izzy should work on all modern web browsers. If you encounter any problems please let us know by emailing