What we're doing and why

We’re working hard to improve Ask Izzy, and to help with this, we’ve set up an Ask Izzy “Beta”. The Beta is a place where we can try new things and get feedback from the people that use Ask Izzy, without worrying about breaking the “regular” Ask Izzy

Ask Izzy Beta still connects to the same services that regular Ask Izzy does, and should be familiar to anyone that uses Ask Izzy. It will however contain new and experimental features, and you might notice some screens start to look different. Regular Ask Izzy will remain at askizzy.org.au.

Making browsing Ask Izzy easier

At the moment, our Beta experience is mostly built around major improvements to:

  • Make it easier for you to find what you're looking for
  • Our home page is now simpler
  • We’ve also grouped related things together under new categories to make it easier to explore services.

Before using Beta

In crisis?

To help us build a better Ask Izzy, we’d love for people to use our Beta, and tell us what they think. But we don’t recommend you use the Beta if you are in a crisis or emergency situation. Return to the original Ask Izzy website.

Low data balance?

Data usage charges may apply if you use beta. But, if you're on the Telstra or Vodafone mobile networks, you can sill use the original Ask Izzy on your phone though, even if you don't have credit or access to wifi.

Other things to expect

The beta might be a bit more 'rough around the edges', you might find things that don’t work properly please email to let us know, and we may monitor and measure it more closely than we do with regular Ask Izzy.

Although we will never capture any personally identifiable information about you, we may use tools to measure what pages and parts of Ask Izzy people are using, and how people move through Ask Izzy.

Our beta will be available for a limited time only, and participating is entirely voluntary. You can return to regular Ask Izzy whenever you like. By taking part you’ll be helping us to build a better Ask Izzy, and will have the opportunity to see, and give feedback on, features as they emerge.