Add a service

Information about Service Providers is maintained in Infoxchange's Service Seeker database. The database supports a range of directory services provided by Infoxchange including HSNet in NSW and oneplace in Queensland. Ask Izzy displays a subset of the information to make it easier for Consumers to read and understand. Fields that are displayed in Ask Izzy are clearly marked so that you can see what will be displayed in your listing.

Information is structured at multiple levels:

  • Organisation
  • Site
  • Services and Programs

To help Ask Izzy users, please review and update information for each section. If there is no change to information already on the database, please ensure you complete the Service Provider name together with the relevant section for the detail that is being added or changed.

We are of course aware that Services and Program information changes regularly. So that other Service Providers and Consumers only see current information, please make those updates as soon as possible via (report an error link).

Information that is displayed in the Ask Izzy product is noted in blue.