Food banks

If you are unable to buy groceries because of lack of income, an unexpected life event or large expense you can visit a food bank to get what you need.

Each year, food banks across Australia provide groceries and other essential items to thousands of people in similar situations to yours. To find your closest food bank, search Ask Izzy now.

What can I get at a food bank?

A food bank provides free or low-cost food and other goods to people who need them. They usually stock basic, non-perishable food items like sauces, canned goods, pasta and rice. Depending on availability, toiletries like shampoo, soap and sanitary products are also available.

The products come from different sources including supermarkets, personal donations and wholesalers.

Where can I find a food bank?

There are food banks across the country, in regional and metropolitan areas. Find a food bank near you or browse: